New Leadership
In Richmond Hill

Join me and help deliver the change that Richmond Hill Needs to progress. Political divisions  in City Council won't help us fix our roads, build transit, or elevate the middle class. It's time we elect new leaders that can bring new energy and passion that lacks in our municipal government.







Vote For Change on October 18-24

Wil Husnutdinov 

Wil has been an active community advocate and volunteer for most of his life. Living in ward 5 for over 15 years, Wil believes that engagement from residents and active civic participation is vital for the future of the City. Wil has also served as a member of the Richmond Hill Winter Carnival Committee, where he learned that strong community leadership is essential in fostering a welcoming and diverse community. Join Wil and help elect a new wave of leadership in our city. 

Residents based decision making and 

Leadership That Works

"I am running for Richmond Hill City Council because I believe our community needs new leaders with fresh perspectives to tackle old problems. I want to join City council to change the status quo, heal the divides, and bring new momentum into our city politics. We can only improve our city and our communities if we come together and vote for change."

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